Education and Degrees:
Born in Istanbul, Turkey. Received her secondary education at the American College for Girls and her higher education at the Faculty of Economics, University of Istanbul (BA degree with high honors), and her doctor’s degree at the same University (with high honors). Studied two years at the University of Chicago as a postdoctoral fellow on a Rockefeller fellowship and returned to the University of Istanbul., where, on the successful completion of requirements, was engaged as associate professor in economics. Worked two summers at the SVIMEZ in Rome on a Ford Foundation scholarship and one year at the ISEA in Paris. On her return to Istanbul University, having completed the requirements, was promoted to full professorship.

Participation in the Founding of a New University:
She retired from Istanbul University in 1994 to join the group formed to found a new university, namely the Istanbul Bilgi University, where she acted initially as the “founding rector” and then onward as the Head of the Economics Department. Currently acts as the Head of the Research Center, namely TESAR, which she instituted, and helped design the myriad of services and publications that are renowned by now for their social contents as well as high academic standards.

Elected as the economist of the year by readers of the “Economic Panaroma” monthly journal (1988), awarded the Prize for “Services in the Field of Economics” (1997) and (together with six other women) for services in the “Enlightenment of the Turkish Society” (1998), elected “the Academic of the Year” by members of the Finance Club (2000) and was awarded the “Social Sciences Prize” of the Sedat Simavi Foundation for her new book on the Turkish Economy (2002)

Publication (books in Turkish):
History of Economic Thought (10th ed.)
Globalization and the Nation State (6th ed.)
Agriculture and Economic Development (5th ed.)
The Turkish Economy since the Tanzimat Reforms (2nd ed.)
An Empirical Survey of Kuþtepe (together with a group) (1st ed.)
An Empirical Survey of Kuþtepe Youth (together with a group) (1st ed.)
The Political Economy of Relations between Turkey and Russia:
Yesterday and Today (as editors and contributors together with Nataliya Ulchenko) in cooperation with the Moscow Oriental Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1st ed.)
Additionally many research studies, articles published in Turkish and English and some in French and Italian.

Classical Music and playing the piano; gardening
Is married to Prof. Haydar Kazgan, has a son and a grandson.